Even natural water has its problems.

The elements radon, arsenic and uranium all occur naturally in our water, especially in bedrock-drilled wells. And each element carries unique health risks and concerns.

Aqua-Max of Maine can help you identify and address your water's unique combination of elemants and minerals so you never worry about your water again.

Facts about natural contaminants in your water


The Aqua-Max Solution

Aqua-Max of Maine is your one-stop-shop for all things water treatment. We are with you every step of the way from initial testing all the way to installation and regular maintenance.

We can help you identify which solution is best for your home and family. You can rest at ease knoweing that your well water is safe and harm-free.

Our Brands

Hague Quality Water International

Hague Quality Water is the longest standing water treatment manufacturer in the United States. Their flagship product, the WaterMax®, is the world’s most comprehensive, most efficient home water treatment system on the market today.

Hellenbrand, Inc.

Hellenbrand has been solving water quality problems in the USA for over 50 years. Hellenbrand offers several models to soften water and also provide radon mitigation.


R. E. Prescott has been providing its customers with water system and treatment solutions for nearly 70 years. They produce many different products including, water softeners and radon aeration systems.


Over 30 years ago, RadonAway produced the first radon-specific ventilation fan. Now they provide multiple solutions for radon mitigation both before and after it enters your home.