Water Softening

The presence of minerals in your water can have many undesirable side effects. They can lower your home efficiency, unbcrease costs, stain your water recepticles, introuduce unpleasant odors or flavors, and lower the life expectancy of your plumbing and water heating units.

But it doesn't have to be that way. It's important to get the right water softening unit for your unique water needs.

Radon, Arsenic and Uranium Treatment

Radon, Arsenic and Uranium each pose unique health risks, but each can be dealt with effectively.

Aqua-Max of Maine specializes is creating cusomtized solutions for your unique water condition. Aerators, resin filters, and reverse osmosis systems are each effective in dealing with unique water conditions. We can find the solution that's best for you and your water.


Aqua-Max handles it all

Whatever your water treatment needs are, we've got it covered. From water softening, to UV treatment, to heavy metal and radon mitigation, we have the solution to it all.

And we're with you every step of the way. We will help you get your water tested, show you what it means, and help you find the perfect custom solution for you and your family.

Schedule your free water test

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