Hard water affects more than you think.

The presence of minerals in your water can have some obvious effects, like an unpleasant odor or staining your water recepticles.

But did you know that minerals in your water can affects your power bill and the lifespan of your water heating system? Or even the softness of your towels and how much soap you need to use?

Flavor and odor

The presence of minerals such as sulfur, iron, and cooper can all have an impact on the way your water tastes and smells.

A customizable water softening system such as the Hague WaterMax can treat the unique combination of minerals in your water and remove these unpleasant side effects.

Staining and cleaning

You probably know that iron in your water can cause staining in your tubs, sinks and toilets. But that's not the only cleaning problem caused by hard water.

Hard water can also make soaps and laundry detergents less effective and make soap scum harder to clean, too.


Scale buildup from hard water can drastically increase your heating bills. A buildup of 1/8 of an inch can increase fuel consumption by 33%.

Hard water also causes water heaters to consume 20-30% more energy. And it also causes you to use 60-70% more soap or detergent.

Equipment lifespan

Not onlycan untreated water increase costs, but it can decrease the lifespan of your pipes and water heater, as well.

An inbalance in your water pH (acidity/alkalinity levels) can speed up pipe and equipment corrosion and lead to unnecessary and early repairs.

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Hague Quality Water International

Hague Quality Water is the longest standing water treatment manufacturer in the United States. Their flagship product, the WaterMax®, is the world’s most comprehensive, most efficient home water treatment system on the market today.

Hellenbrand, Inc.

Hellenbrand has been solving water quality problems in the USA for over 50 years. Hellenbrand offers several models to soften water and also provide radon mitigation.

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